Motivational Interviewing Forum 2023 Copenhagen: Macro MI Resources

Thank you for joining us in Copenhagen!

This page is a resource guide for all the materials we shared during our presentation at the 2023 Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers

 Pre-Forum workshop.

Slides for 10/18/23 Macro MI presentation in Copenhagen:

MACRO MI Presentation 2023 Pre-Forum.pdf

Macro Assessment Questions-10.18.23.pdf

MI and Calling In and MI and Systems - 10.18.23.pdf

Macro MI and Social Engineered Trauma Articles:

Avruch, D. O., & Shaia, W. E. (2022). Macro MI: Using Motivational Interviewing to Address Socially-engineered Trauma. Journal of Progressive Human Services, 33(2), 176-204.


Shaia, W. E., Avruch, D. O., Green, K., & Godsey, G. M. (2019). Socially-engineered trauma and a new social work pedagogy: Socioeducation as a critical foundation of social work Practice. Smith College Studies in social work89(3-4), 238-263.

Shaia W 2019 article SET and SHARP.pdf

Social Justice Glossaries (United States)

Boston Public Library Social Justice Glossary

University of Washington Social Justice Glossary

American Psychological Association Inclusive Language Guide

Brave Spaces:

Ahenkorah, E. (2020, September 21). “Safe and Brave Spaces Don’t Work (and What You Can Do Instead).” Medium.

Stubbs, V. D. (n.d.). The 6 Pillars of a Brave Space. Maryland School of Social Work.

Values Sorting Card Decks and Website:

This is the resource used in the 10/18 workshop:


Additional values sorting tools:

What is Important in My Life (More Concrete Values)

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Values Card Sort

Adverse Childhood Experiences/Trauma:

Three Realms of ACES

US Centers for Disease Control and Kaiser Permanente Medical Group ACES Study

Power and Control Wheels (Domestic Violence - Wheels in many languages):

The Duluth Model Wheel Gallery

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