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Why Talk To Someone?
I am a huge fan of behavioral applications. There are thousands of them we can use for all aspects of behavioral health. We can monitor our exercise, our calories, anxiety and depression symptoms. We can use them to maintain our wellness regimen and even keep track of people we can call when we are feeling suicidal. So, why go to therapy at all? Why can’t we just load up our applications and follow the instructions given.

People actually do that. Individuals have called crisis lines or reached out to others as the result of an application prompt. Apps are great reminders when we are ready and able to listen to them.
So, You Are Stuck…Great!
Life is about change.

If only it was easy.

Because life is about change we get stuck.

Sometimes, we get miserably, and hopelessly stuck. Or, so it seems.

Again, why do I say “great”?
“I’m Here to Get Motivated”
As a trainer and practitioner of Motivational Interviewing, I hear this a lot when I introduce myself and ask what brings someone to my office.

Of course, I also hear, “I’m here because (mom, probation officer, principal, boyfriend…. fill in the blank….) wants me to get motivated.”

To want to be motivated, even to want-to-want to be motivated, is an important step to doing something new, and that is what Motivational Interviewing (MI) is all about. But it might not be exactly what you think.

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